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Top 5 beaches in Aruba

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Aruba is famous for its beautiful beaches with glistening white sand and glassy turquoise waters. Many of the beaches offer great diving and snorkeling, the vibrant reefs teeming with sealife makes it a truely worthwhile experience.

Aruba's climate is mostly dry, with temperatures hovering 29/31 degrees Celsius (84/88 °F) so you can spend hours soaking up the sun, or stay shaded under one of the many palapas (free) or rent a cabana (not free) and enjoy the sea breeze.

1. Baby Beach

Baby beach is located on the Southern tip of the island, just past San Nicolas. It's a fantastic spot for those of you who enjoy a more relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of the hotels. A day trip to baby beach is a must, the waters are shallow, calm, and warm so it’s a great place to just getaway.

The bay like shape of the beach makes it is an ideal place for snorkeling near the reef especially if you are new to snorkeling, you are likely to spot yellowtail grouper, butterfly fish, blue-headed wrasse, and barracuda. If you want to venture out a little more and try your hand at scuba diving you can also book diving tours at one of the local dive shops close to the beach. We would recommend JADS dive center (not affiliated).

There are a few restaurants nearby with a more local feel, where you can grab a beer and some BBQ and some snacks to keep you full and satisfied all day.

2. Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach also known as Nanki beach, is only a few minutes walk away from Baby Beach. It’s generally less crowded and has a more private feel to it. It's popular with locals, and you have a view of the island’s refinery in the background. The fishermen also anchor their boats nearby so if you want that beautiful island shot it won't be hard. The water is a bit deeper than Baby Beach but it’s still clear and great for snorkeling near the shore.

There are no bars or food supplies at the beach, so we suggest packing your own.

3. Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto is a secluded beach situated on the southeast coast of Aruba near Savaneta. This gem is a "locals" beach especially on the weekends. The sea is clear with a vibrant reef so it’s a must for viewing schools of fish, squid, sea turtles, sea snakes, eels. The current can be strong from time to time so it's good to exercise caution when swimming and don’t venture too far out on your own. You can hire kayaks and paddle among the mangroves and /or just stroll among the tall mangroves and observe the birds.

There are local snack shops around the area, so it is advisable to carry some cash or pack an easy cooler to have something on hand.

4. Tres Trapi

Tres Trapi means three steps in Papiamento. This beautiful spot is a bit harder to get to without transportation of your own, but if you want to venture out and explore the island give it a try. Three Steps beach can be accessed by ‘three’ steps leading down to a cove where you are directly on the water’s edge. The water is pristine and shallow so it’s ideal for snorkeling and since its quite secluded you might have the place all to yourself. Once you dive in you can spot angelfish, starfish, and even sea turtles if you are lucky.

This beach is a bit tricky to get to, there are no restaurants or snack shops/trucks nearby, so bring you own drinks and food with you.

5. Eagle Beach

Eagle beach easily gets a spot in this list. The iconic long stretch of white sand with incredible view of the Caribbean Ocean regularly makes lists of the best beaches in the world and can’t be missed on your trip to Aruba.

It is situated near several of the low-rise hotels so there is easy access to by public transportation or taxis. Some hotels provide cabanas and lounges for their guests and sometimes non-guests can rent beach umbrellas and loungers. This beach is also great for water sports so if you have more of an adventurous spirit, you can try kite surfing, parasailing, jetskiing, waterskiing and much more.

This beach also plays host to the 4 pieces of turtles which nest on the Island around March to September every year. If you don't see a turtle don't worry you can take one home with you on our " Tortuga" beach shorts.

Aruba’s famous fofoti tree which overlooks the ocean can also be found here, it’s one of the most scenic locations on the island where you can get many memorable shots at sunset.

This beach is close to the hotels, so you have many restaurant options to choose from.


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