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SUN KULTURE's swimwear designs are hand- painted and inspired by elements and colors you can find in Aruba and the Caribbean. The current collection and all future collections will present designs that I believe represent local and Caribbean KULTURE. This will keep you looking beach-ready all year round.

palms_03 27x27.png

Palm Island

Introducing Palm Island, a must-have addition to any swimwear collection. Inspired by the tropical paradise of Aruba, this trunk features a unique blend of palm and natural plant leaves for a standout design. Whether lounging poolside or hitting the beach, you'll turn heads with the intricate detailing of this trunk. Don't settle for ordinary swimwear – embrace the island vibe with the Palm Island swim trunk.

paradise_01 27x27.png

Green Paradise 

Introducing Green Paradise. Featuring the stunning Bird of Paradise flower, the vibrant colors and unique design of this swim trunk will make you stand out in any crowd. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hitting the waves, Green Paradise will provide comfort and style that's unmatched. Made with high-quality materials, this swimwear is built to last and designed to impress. Experience the ultimate island vibe with Green Paradise.


Pega Pega

Introducing Pega Pega, inspired by the Aruba toe-leafed gecko. These shorts are designed to stick to you just like the gecko sticks to walls. Made from high-quality materials, they are perfect for the beach, pool, or any water activity. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they also pay tribute to the unique wildlife of Aruba. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with Pega Pega.

Sky Blue - Collection 2.png


Introducing Sky. Get ready to make a splash in the perfect shade of blue. Sky is the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe. This blue swimsuit is inspired by the clear blue skies and crystal-clear waters of the ocean in the Caribbean.

Living Coral 161546.jpeg

Living Coral

Introducing Living Coral, inspired by the stunning sunsets of Aruba. The vibrant coral color captures the essence of the island's natural beauty. Made with the highest quality materials, these swim trunks are both comfortable and stylish. Perfect for a day at the beach or lounging by the pool, the Living Coral swimwear is a must-have for any man's holiday wardrobe. Stand out from the crowd in these trunks and experience the magic of Aruba's sunsets wherever you go.

turtle_01 27x27.png


Introducing Tortuga, a stunning piece inspired by the magnificent hawksbill sea turtle. This design is one of the four sea turtles that Aruba is home to and is an endangered species that nests on the island's pristine white beaches. With its unique and eye-catching pattern, Tortuga is the perfect addition to any stylish beachgoer's collection. Although you may not see a turtle in person while on the island, you can take one home with you in the form of these beautifully designed shorts.

flamingo_01 35x35.png

Flamingo Sunset

Introducing Flamingo Sunset! Our design features the iconic silhouette of the Aruban Flamingos against a vibrant sunset backdrop, creating a unique and eye-catching look. Made with high-quality materials, these swim trunks offer comfort and durability, while still maintaining a stylish edge. Whether you're lounging on the beach or strolling down the boulevard,Flamingo Sunset is sure to turn heads and make a statement. Get ready to make a splash with this must-have addition to your swimwear collection.



Introducing Gutu, inspired by the vibrant colors of the native parrot fish found in the tropical waters of Aruba. Made with high-quality materials, these swim trunks feature a comfortable elastic waistband and a breathable mesh lining. The bold, eye-catching design is perfect for any beach or poolside occasion, while the name pays homage to the important role the Gutu fish plays in maintaining the beauty of our coral reefs.

Diode Blue- Collection 2.png


Introducing Azura. This electric blue color is inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, you'll look great by the pool or on the beach. Designed for comfort and style, our Azura trunks will have you looking your best no matter the occasion.

paradise_02 27x27.png

Black Paradise

Introducing Black Paradise, our exclusive design that features the stunning Bird of Paradise flower. The intense colors of the cranelike flower are perfectly contrasted against the black background of the swimwear, making a bold and stylish statement. Lounge by the pool or hit the waves with confidence in this popular design that embodies the essence of paradise.

parakeet03 27x27.png


Introducing Prikichi, a one-of-a-kind design that showcases Aruba's national bird in all its colorful glory. Our exclusive hand-designed men's swimwear features the stunning green feathers of the Prikichi, as well as the vibrant flowers of the flamboyant tree. Perfect for those who love Aruba and want to show off their island pride, this swimwear is sure to turn heads at the beach or pool. Made with high-quality materials, the Prikichi swim trunk is comfortable, durable, and stylish. Don't miss out on this unique and eye-catching design.

Palm Island Fiesta - Collection 2.png

Palm Island Fiesta

Introducing the Palm Island Fiesta, the ultimate statement piece for your summer wardrobe. This exclusive men's swimwear is a recolor of our popular Palm Island print, featuring a vibrant and tropical color selection that guarantees to make you stand out from the crowd. The bold and colorful design brings the island party vibe to you, no matter where you are. With the Palm Island Fiesta, you won't blend into the scenery - you'll be the life of the party. Take the fiesta with you wherever you go.

Blue Glass 15-5425 TPX.jpeg

Beach Glass

Introducing Beach Glass, inspired by the crystal-clear waters of Aruba's ocean. The stunning turquoise blue color will transport you to paradise with every wear. Made with high-quality materials, this swimwear ensures ultimate comfort and durability, perfect for any beach or pool day. Take a piece of the ocean home with you.

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